Post-Relocation – What’s up.

I’ve been too busy to blog lately, which isn’t a bad thing. I still need someone to buy my old house (takers?); but here we are, Hays America. Coming back to the town of my alma mater feels like college again except two toddlers are my roomies now (insert joke here). After an evening of getting ‘acclimated’ to local customs (went to a KofC stag) the old gears weren’t spinning this morning as fast as the room was last night. So in lieu of any sort of real productivity today, we blog…


We’ll be in CA for the ESRI dev summit this year. As a follower of the cult of ESRI, I’m pretty stoked about going. There’s been a lot of chatter as of late in the blogosphere with regard to how ESRI’s dropped the ball w/ the web adf, so if you’re attending & feel like proselytizing, by all means, you’ve got an ear to bend. I’d have to agree that for someone who’s used to scripting (not programming), the documentation sucks. Since the 9.2 release, it’s like snipe hunt on EDN every time you want to find a reference to something. What ever happened to straightforward documentation followed by a usable code snippet? The way they changed the site post 9.1 is just frustrating.  That said, it’s still not too bad as long as you don’t stray far from the canned stuff. I just hate to be in a position of “just gimme the code”, and that’s what it feels like every time you wanna add something new to an app.


I’m a big fan of FOSS; I miss my KDE when working (vista = meh). I’d like to be able to seriously consider some ArcGIS Server/SDE alternatives, but with a clientèle that all pretty much drinks from the ESRI font, I think it’s a matter of finding the right application that can seamlessly integrate. Oh and a paint-by numbers installation would help too. And while I’m at it, why is it that everyone talks about alternatives & when you go to the websites to look, there are never any links to real-world examples (demo sites w/ blue marble et. al. do not count)?


The work keeps rolling in with respect to the business agreement we’ve got with InfiniTec. GIS Customer Counties presently include: Jefferson, Osage, Lane, Pawnee, Russell, Saline, Sumner, Riley, & Scott.


Scott and Lane are total package deals; that is to say we are their GIS department. Suffice to say, there is grunt work to be done. So if you’re a student in the Hays area and are interested an internship, drop me a line, otherwise, I’ll be doing some headhunting soon.

<soapbox> I know some people get bent out of shape with the idea of interns doing data development. Well, too bad. It’s the way I came up and anyone who puts a negative spin on it is wasting your money. You don’t pay the architect to hammer and saw. This is no different. As long as the oversight is there, data development is an intern’s highest & best use. Or perhaps you’d rather have your data development off-shored? That’s what I thought. </soapbox>.

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