The three-month make-up post.

Has it really been three months since I posted anything? Sheesh.

To be honest, I put the blog on the back burner when I saw how my late summer/early fall was shaping up. I’ve been waist-deep in ArcGIS Server and SDE implementation (here’s the first release), plus KAM held its annual conference in Manhattan (oops; shoulda blogged that). At any rate, here’s a quarterly redux of the current state of Dealy Geomatics (hopefully with more frequent updates to follow):

I’ve been working twice the hours I normally do to implement the 3rd version of InfiniTec’s Local Government Information System (LGIS). Their site is still pretty sparse on details, but hopefully, that’ll change soon as we roll out more customers. Currently, LGIS ties parcel & tax servers to a map view and also provides a platform for an organization to present their published maps. The ArcGIS Server component uses ArcSDE to supply the data; and because we import a copy of the organization’s data to make it all work, this allows for a “natural” off-site backup of their geodata. In other words, this is our first real stab at a complete “geohosting” solution. The first lucky recipient of the upgrade is Sumner County, KS. I’ll try to be diligent with the posting as each existing customer is updated and as we add new customer sites.

A major stumbling block in my getting things done occurred late this summer – my trusty ol’ Compaq v2000z went belly-up after a botched repair job. Long story short – American Express stood by their buyer’s assurance program & hooked me up w/ a new Pavillion dv2500t after the company AMEX used for my initial repairs rendered my laptop useless for more than 15 minutes at a go. It was only a touchpad replacement, so how they screwed it up is beyond me. Anyway, new laptop; new OS. Vista is ok. Lotta eye candy coupled with security/stability features I’ve come to expect since switching to Linux on the home front. I’m still on ArcGIS sp2 for development reasons, and it’s a small pain with the license dongle (btw, why can’t they do this w/ the dongles?), starting the services up manually; but it works nonetheless (how about better *nix desktop software ESRI? I’ve grown quite accustomed to Kubuntu & Fedora).

Finally, where KAM is concerned, I was pegged by Ed Crane to give an introductory talk on geodatabase less than 2 weeks before the annual conference (here’s the presentation if you’re interested). Kansas is still predominantly in the realm of shape & coverage, and so I was hoping to give that user base a primer on geodatabase. Despite the short notice, I’d like to think it was well-received & I even had a few questions. I’m also transitioning out of my duties as Treasurer for KAM. It was an interesting an educational experience for a guy who has a hard enough time balancing his personal checkbook, and I would have liked to continue doing it, but priorities say I should be doing what gets me paid. I’ll still be working on the quarterly KAM newsletter, so if y’all have anything interesting to contribute, let me know.

That’s should just about bring y’all up to speed. More updates to come <fingers crossed>.

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