Guidebook for County GIS Implementation.

The State of Kansas via the Kansas Collaborative has released a guidebook on how to get GIS rolling at the local government level (a link to all the Collaborative’s resource center can be had here). It’s a good read if GIS has been dumped in your lap, or if you’re trying to bring those who hold the purse strings up to speed on not only the benefits of GIS (with a few real-world examples), but what exactly it’s gonna take to implement a working system.

Albeit, it’s written for folks in Kansas, the guidebook is chock-full of contacts, so you’re bound to find someone who can point you in the right direction. I had a chance to read a draft back in May & threw in my $0.02, though they still didn’t see it fit to add me to the list of vendors :-p.

Regarding a few more substantial quips, in the “Understanding the Value of GIS” section, some of the examples given seem a bit anecdotal & could use some references and a few more numbers. Regarding one of my favorite dead horses to beat, they estimate personnel budget at $35,000 plus benefits for a one-man shop. Realistically, a functioning department’s gonna need 2 folks or 1+ vendor to work more efficiently. Regardless, this is a great resource, & I hope the Collaborative works to maintain & keep it current.

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