GIS Hosting – the shape of things to come?

So, I’m back from InfiniTec’s annual user group conference, and I’m finally getting a chance to process all the questions and comments that were received.  Most of my time was spent on ArcGIS server demos, and I have to say for the most part, I think people got it.  Anecdotally,  it also appears that what local government  wants out of their GIS is something that makes it easy to provide access &/or collaboration (especially with data that hasn’t been georeferenced traditionally), and they want their geodata backed-up as well as secure.    Ubiquity & security – sounds a lot like:

  • Enterprise GIS (expensive & out-of-reach).
  • Web Hosting (easier on the wallet, easier to sell to decision-makers).

Somewhere in this convergence, I really think the little guy (or government) stands to benefit.    Oh, I know that a GIS hosting solution (“Geohost”, anyone?) isn’t a substitute for true enterprise GIS,  but it could be a start with a price tag that’s easier to swallow.


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