Huzzah! Easy Printing (image export) in ArcGIS Server.

I should make it clear that I am an Analyst 1st, Cartographer 2nd and Programmer 3rd (maybe even 4th if you wanna rank data development as a separate category). I had been scouring ESRI support for the past couple of months looking for some help to get a decent print page out of ArcGIS Server (AGS) with limited result.  I mean, I pretty much understand what I can do with server, looking @ the object models, but implementation’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax;  especially for someone like myself with limited time to go along with my limited understanding.

While trying to rectify a bit of a problem with some code I was playing around with, I discovered the “Print Task .Net WebADF”  (& apparently so have a few hundred folks before me).   Mr. Chivite’s contribution to ArcScripts is a glowing example of near-seamless integration within the existing AGS program structure.  You get an installer, concise documentation, and a component that seats itself nicely in the “Tasks” section of the default web site application framework.

Once implemented, a plethora of image formats are available to export (and then print), including good ol’ PDF.  Finally, I can deliver a map that looks like it came out of desktop software.

Printing a map in IMS was a horrid, ugly experience in which neither professional or end-user was ever completely satisfied, no matter how you prettied things up.  Thanks to this custom task, a cartographer can be less of a programmer, and spend more time tricking out map design.   Oh & if I can heckle a bit from the cheap seats – it’s a pity that this kind of functionality isn’t standard equipment in the default AGS browser, especially when IMS offers printing as standard equipment out of the box.

manually-installable version of “Print Task .Net WebADF” is available for those that wanna pick things apart to understand them.  The source appears to be in C# – & ya know this isn’t the first good AGS sample I’ve seen in C# either.  All this time using VB to get stuff done’s making me feel all inadequate. :-/

4 Responses to “Huzzah! Easy Printing (image export) in ArcGIS Server.”

  1. Brian Johnston Says:

    Thanks for the post. This “Print Task .Net WebADF” looks promising. Ill give it a try.

  2. Vinod Kumar Asnani Says:

    The “Print Task .Net WebADF” is very good tool. I tried this tool lot of my work is completed.

  3. Miriam Blanco Says:

    The Print task.Net Web ADF is really good if you do not need to print the map containing selected features.

    If you do, this tool is not what you are after.
    It was not developed for it (which you would think it is quite an essentialpart in GIS)

  4. shail Says:

    does anybody know?

    How we could print the map containing selected (highlighted) features.


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