GeoEye Buys M.J. Harden from GE

I thought this worth mentioning because M.J. Harden is just up the road in Mission (KC metro). Plus, there are quite a few folks here in the region that use Harden as their Aerial Photography vendor. Though I’ve seen this twice now in geospatial newsletters, I can’t seem to find info on either company’s site as of this posting.

On paper it seems like a pretty good acquisition for GeoEye. Satellites are great, but there’s always going to be a need to fly because of the temporal resolution shortcomings (timeliness) of orbital spacecraft. On the other hand, Harden’s done a lot in oil & gas pipeline management as well. Though the articles only mention it a little, it was pretty big business for them; though not really GeoEye’s bailiwick, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sloughed off eventually.
On a side note, it seems to me that Harden lost a bit of its identity under the GE umbrella (just look @ what passes for their website), so maybe this is the change they were looking for.


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  1. Adena Schutzberg Says:


    First off, it is on GeoEye website – here: I’ve let GeoEye know of this problem in the past.

    Second, GeoEye is not taking the pipeline part: “As part of the agreement, GE will continue to own and operate the pipeline GIS consulting, software and data management business under GE’s PII Integrity Services Division. ”

    Finally, the press release is dated March 15, that’s why you’ve seen it before.

    Best regards,


  2. dealygeo Says:

    Thanks for bringing all that to my attention so succinctly!

    To clarify, I wasn’t really implying that I was on the scoop of some breaking news. Things move a bit slower in my neck of the woods than in the fast-paced world of online trade publications. I just thought it was worth mentioning.



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