National Geospatial Technology Resource Center: Post-forum Wrap-up

As I mentioned a month or so ago, I was invited to attend a forum to help establish the framework for establishing a Community College-based National Geospatial Technology Resource Center (let’s just call it the NGTRC). The forum was held just this last weekend in scenic Monterey, CA.

I participated in two of the ten breakout groups. The first focused on how a NGTRC could assist in professional development for educators. The second focused on how the NGTRC would track future trends in Geospatial Technology.

Honestly, coming in to this event having never actually taught a formal GIS class (yet), I wasn’t sure what I could bring to the table.  Having participated in this forum, I now see benefit in this effort not just for community colleges, but for the geospatial community as a whole.  The NGTRC can be a resource not only for educators, but for industry, government and students as well.   The center could (and should) work to keep dialogue open between all stakeholders and act as a clearinghouse for educational resources, mentors, career opportunities, and could very well become a bellwether in the geospatial community as a whole.  Similar centers already exist for Agriculture & Marine Technology.

All of the presentations and information regarding the NGTRC from the weekend forum have been made available for download (including the lecture audio) at this link on the NGTRC site.  In the upcoming weeks, the advisory committee will be compiling and releasing results from pre & post-conference surveys to better focus the resultant efforts of the forum.

Stay tuned, & if you think you have something to contribute to the NGTRC, contact one of these folks.


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