Developing a Vision and a Plan for a National Geospatial Technology Resource Center.

Wow, that title’s a mouthful… I can’t claim credit for it though. The folks who are spearheading this effort at have identified a need for a consolidation of resources to facilitate the teaching of geospatial technology in higher education; specifically, in community colleges (anyone see a tie-in yet?).

The thinking goes that geotech is becoming integral to the job market because of geotech’s necessity so many economic sectors. Community colleges especially are geared towards arming a technical workforce with the tools they need. A National Geospatial Technology Resource Center (NGTRC) could be a clearinghouse for curricula, data, and services. Believe me, the hardest part of getting a accredited class together is proving need and finding the proper resources. The NGTRC could act as a geospatial education Johnny Appleseed, providing the seeds to grow successful educational programs across the country, with the goal of producing a ‘bumper crop’ of geotechnical-savvy and workforce-ready people. The program is funded by Advanced Technological Education Program, NSF/DUE, so you know the feds see the need here too.

I’ve been asked by the the principal investigators to attend a national forum, that has been assembled to get input from geospatial educators, and industry folks. The findings of the forum will then be published as guidelines that will provide a blueprint for the coordination of geospatial activities at the community college level and will also provide an implementation plan for a NGTRC.

I for one am honored and excited that I’m in on the ground-floor of such a project. The conference takes place during the 1st week of January, 2007. I’ll be updating y’all after the conference with what the forum comes up with. In the meantime, feel free to contact me if there are critical issues you’d like addressed at the forum & I’ll do my best to be your voice.


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