Blogging for free geodata.

Nobody likes to re-invent the wheel. Creating geodata is expensive & time-consuming. Whenever I begin a new project, I always scour the web for the free data first. Sometimes, it’s good enough; but even if it’s not, at least I have something to start with.

While browsing Planet Geospatial today, I noticed that Glenn Letham from started a blog that lists free data repositories as he finds them. Keep in mind that this is a blog, not a full-fledged clearinghouse. However, a well-worded search could save someone sleuthing for data a lot of time & energy.

Here’s the link to the Free GIS Data GeoBlog.

It looks like this is just getting off the ground, so not a whole lot of Midwest specific links just yet. That said, if you don’t see something that should be listed, be sure & drop the author a line (that’s how these things get better, you know).


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