Are we a year away from GPS infrastructure loss?

I came across this story in GPS world (by way of Slashdot) that reports that there is no funding after 2007 for the Coast Guard’s NDGPS system.  The article goes on to say that WAAS might be responsible for the demise of NDGPS.  Personally, I don’t know enough about the situation to determine if this is all FUD or not;  but I definitely don’t think it’s a one vs. the other sort of thing.  NDGPS is great if you need something a little closer to survey-grade, and WAAS is just fine for general tracking applications.  I’ve always seen one as a compliment to the other, especially with respect to availability. In that light, it would be a shame to see the loss of a piece of a great GPS infrastructure.   That said, if WAAS does improve in accuracy & availability (which it is), then maybe this is just a phase-out of old tech?


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